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May 15, 2013
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by the Creator of Midtoon


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Author's Notes:
Today's comic is MIDTOON's entry for the 2013 Dialogue-Free Comic Day. This is a challenge to present a joke or story without using words. Special effects and signs are allowed but the author is encouraged to use none. In this case, I've used a mathemathical sign (the >, or 'greater than' sign).

Dialogue-Free comic day falls on May 17 this year. I'm a little early because I am already working on the next episode. To see what my competitors are entering for this challenge, CLICK HERE after Friday the 17. If you go before that date, you can scroll down and see entries for previous years.

So, my entry is about Mario and his conflicted feelings after meeting the dangerous blonde. If you are not a regular reader of my comic and would like to know more, you can go HERE for the beginning of the current chapter, but I think the only thing you may need to know is that the girl in the pink sweater is Mario's girlfriend, and the blonde is a new arrival whose name has not been revealed yet on the comic itself.

Stay tuned for Episode 211, where everything will be explained and confused at the same time...

Welcome if you are new, and scroll down for the comments!

3D Modelling: Sketchup
Financial District : Andres
Bus Terminal : ko2009
Russian Translation: Nobody's speaking here, my friend!!!
(May 17)